How To Choose Remote For Your Nikon

Nikon D-SLR cameras can be fired remotely by using one of several Nikon products. Depending on the distance you need to be from the camera you can choose from a wired or wireless remote shutter release.
The D3, D2-series, D1-series, D700, D300, D200 and D100 (with MB-D100) are equipped with a standard Nikon 10-pin terminal for remote control and automatic photography. Supported items listed below include the : MC-22, MC-30, MC-36, MC-21, MC-23, MC-25, MC-35, and ML-3.
Wired and Wireless Releases and cords which can be used with any camera with a 10-pin remote terminal.
Wired Releases
MC-22 Remote Cord
3.3 ft.Blue, yellow and black terminals used to connect to other triggering devices.Used with special purpose shutter trigger devices allowing banana plug connections.
MC-20 Remote Cord
2.6 ft.Remote firing only; Used to reduce camera shake. Equipped with time-exposure and timer features, emitting a beep once a second while the shutter is open. Can allow for long exposures of up to 9 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
MC-30 Remote Cord
2.6 ft.Remote firing only; Used to reduce camera shake or to keep shutter open during timed exposures.
MC-36 Remote Cord
2.8 ft.Replaces the MC-20 with improved features. Provides Electric Sound Speaker, Shutter Release Active Lamp, Interval Timer, Long Exposure (it can use Interval Timer and Long Exposure simultaneously), Self Timer, TIME Exposure and a Release Hold Mechanism.
MC-21 Extension Cord
9.8 ft.Can be connected to MC-series 20, 22, 23, 25, 30 or 36.
MC-23 Connecting Cord
1.4 ft.Connects two cameras for simultaneous or synchronized shutter release.
MC-25 Adapter Cord
0.7 ft.Ten-pin to two-pin adapter. Allows camera to be used with MW-2 radio control set, MT-2 intervalometer and ML-2 modulite control set.
MC-35 GPS Adapter Cord
1.2 ft.GPS Cable enables the D2X, D2Hs and D200 to be connected with NMEA-0183 protocol-compatible GPS (Global Positioning System) models like GARMIN and MAGELLAN. GPS position information from satellites and time signals synchronous to UTC are recorded within the image data file.
AR-3 Cable Release
In addition to these electronic products a standard plunger-type cable release can be fitted to the shutter release button on the D100; in this case the MB-D100 would not be required.
This item is essential for slow shutter speeds, this cable release ensure one-hand, vibration-free shutter release operation.
Older cameras such as the Nikon F and F2 will require the Nikon AR-8 adaptor or other third party Leica bell adaptors.
Wireless Remotes
ML-2 Modulite Remote Control Set
328 ft.Infrared remote control. Requires MC-25 adapter
ML-3 Modulite Remote Control Set
26 ft.The ML-3 offers remote control for two separate channels via an infrared LED beam, enabling automatic camera operation from a distance of up to about 26 ft. Auto triggering, delayed shutter release, single and continuous shooting are possible.
The Table below features remotes which can be used with other D-SLR camers
Other RemotesLengthFunctionCompatible Cameras
MC-DC1 Remote Cord
3'Remote firing, reduces camera shake and features a shutter-release button lock for long exposures.D70s, D80
MC-DC2 Remote Cord
For use with remote firing with the D90. Will operate through the GP-1 GPS unit while attached to the D90. Lockable shutter release for Bulb mode.
D3X, D3, D700, D300, D90, D5000
ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control
-Infrared remote shutter release for self-portraits or to reduce camera shakeD70, D70s, D80, D60, D50, D40X, D40
These and other Nikon accessories can be purchased through any Nikon Professional dealer or from The Amazon Nikon Mall.


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