15 Steps To Take Great Flower Shots

1) Wide-Angle Lens Have Their Place
If you'd like to show an individual plant or a group of plant in their surrounding,
then the wide-angle lens is the tool for the job. Dept of field is also increased, so your image will be sharp all the way from foreground to background.

2) Experiment with Flash
Flash can help you produce impressive image, but be careful not to overdo it.

3) Move Indoor
No day light waiting and no worry about subject moving.

4) Switch-Off Auto focus
Dept-Of-Field is so narrow in closed-up photography that precise focusing is critical.
To ensure your shots are sharp, try switch to manual focus.

5) Composition Skill
Composing with the subject off-center can instantly give your image a professional look.

6) Choose the right view point
Take from eye level to the subject.

7) Just add water
Adding a few drops of water can really help to bring your flowers photography to life.

8) Use Tripod
You can fine-tune composition and keep the point of focus exactly where you want it.

9) Go Telephoto
This is good if you plan to take individual plane.

10) Remote Release
Use it when possible to get sharp image.

11) Watch The Weather
Check out if you want to take under direct Sun light.

12) Use a Reflector
It will help to reduce shadow area.

13) Marco Lens
Get close to subject to fill the frame.

14) Shoot in Manual
Freely adjust aperture and shutter will result in getting what you want.

15) Watch Your Backgrounds
Be careful messy background can ruin you image.


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