5 Easy Tips for Better Photographs

We all want to take better photos. There are some simple things you can do to improve your results. Give these 5 Tips for better photographs a try. A Digital SLR or a point and shoot, these tips can be used by any photographer.
riding the rails collecting rocks
Go high or go low. Don't shoot from the same height.

1. Go high or go low

Change your vantage point.  A series of photographs all shot from shoulder-level are  boring. If you’re shooting children or the family dog get down on their level. If shooting portraits try standing on a chair. Look for a different angle than “dead-on.”

2. Use your flash outdoors

You may think shooting outside means you don’t need to use your flash. Wrong. Using fill flash outside can help reduce shadows and balance difficult lighting conditions. On overcast days flash can help make the colors in your photos “pop” A Phottix Flash Diffuser is a great addition to your gear.
Get as close as you can.

3. Get close. Then get closer

Don’t depend on your camera or lens’ zoom capabilities. Zoom with your legs. Get as close as you can to your subject, then get closer. Fill your viewfinder with the subject before taking the photo. Your images will be more detailed and distracting backgrounds will be eliminated.

4. Become one with the light

Photography is all about light. Learn to read it. Before you press the shutter release take a good look at what’s in your viewfinder. Are there distracting shadows? Is something too bright? Try to avoid shooting outside at midday, the light is too harsh. Schedule your shoots for early morning or late afternoon/early evening when sunlight adds lovely tones to your images.

5. Use the Rule of Thirds

Simply: Don’t shoot every photo with the subject dead center. Try to position the subject you are photographing off-center, along the thirds (like a tic-tac-to board). Add some drama to your photos with more foreground or background.
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