Why I Got 1 Image Take a NEF + JPEG ?

Most Nikon Digital SLR cameras have the option to capture NEF + JPEG images. The JPEG image may be used for anything from web publishing to a quick print with minimal editing, while the NEF RAW file is saved for more extensive processing later on.
Lets say you choose the NEF + JPEG option in your camera and take a single picture. The NEF RAW image is recorded to the memory card and the JPEG processing is performed in camera for quick display.
The D90 camera display below shows 1/1 indicating it the ' first of one image(s) '. The lower right hand corner displays the capture method, RAW + BASIC, then the image size of the JPEG file, L 4288x2848, and to the left is the JPEG filename _DSC001.JPG. Only one file is needed for display since they are the same file.

When the image is ready to be transferred to the computer using Nikon Transfer software, only one image is displayed again, this time it is labeled as the NEF image, with an icon of two files overlapping to indicate instructions for Multiple Files were recorded, NEF RAW + JPEG.
After image transfer, if the default image viewer is Nikon View NX, the Multiple File symbol is shown again, and the NEF and JPEG file names are identified in the Metadata.

It is not necessary to display both images at any time using Nikon software, since the editing choices depend on the application performing them. You can edit the in-camera processing perfomed on a NEF RAW file using the Quick Adjustments and Picture Control Utility in View NX, or for complete control of NEF RAW editing possibilities, Capture NX 2 is the best option.


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